Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments - Blasting in Like the Kool-Aid Man!


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    1. Hydra Gamer

      vanoss saying nice 5:45 me THAT AIM

    2. WingsIsLife 1

      Picasoliruos made that painting

    3. Adam Niedermaier

      It sounded like he genuinely had fun playing this

    4. Memestar Man

      Wait epic games doesnt own or have anything to do with siege

    5. Tobey Hoffmann


    6. Swisher Man

      Tyler be cracked

    7. Bull Worm


    8. Yuzer64

      this is now gold

    9. Noah Brown

      plz vanoss play more casual siege

    10. Noah Palomo

      you funny

    11. Banshi Weiss

      average r6 player vs average r6 enjoyer

    12. Bloo Hunter

      Now way yous made another video on this game 🤗

    13. kullenkalle


    14. Logan Geake

      Please play more siege

    15. Michael Tatum

      2:24 Dats a toilet.

    16. US Richard


    17. Mastur Ch33f

      2:24 DATSATOILET

    18. Grant


    19. gamer Blamer

      Dined 7:04

    20. Allijator

      13:02 germans in 1939 for some reason

    21. Gg daring T

      Play more if this

    22. Isaac Maldonado

      Epic or ubisoft?

    23. John Doe


    24. stephanie tromblay

      Isn’t r6 owned by Ubisoft

    25. CertifiedLampost


    26. Bram900


    27. Ahmad Malik

      2:26 das a toile 😂

    28. L1 m1k


    29. Mason Tinh


    30. Hunk

      Now this is content

    31. Hunk

      I enjoyed this

    32. Retarded Cuck Ligma

      Epic games has ubi games too

    33. OwnMoneyWannabe

      2:54 OH YEEEAAH

    34. Blob

      This is painfully funny

    35. sledger

      2:00 oh yeah

    36. Lucien Cox III

      When is the next alpha betas episode?

    37. Staring_hamster760

      Vanoss I have your dragon in bread city it the BANANOSS 🙂

    38. THEMaNIsWOrTHit


    39. khaled 8011


      1. Abo Flah


    40. Recruit Lucier


    41. DemizyKing

      Im glad he's still staying strong

    42. Chill Zero

      Oh yeah

    43. Charzadia

      RussianBadger: "asks if he can play" Vanoss: " Are you funny?" RussianBadger: "LETS GO TEAM GET THE LAUGHING GAS FOR THE CONTENT GO GO GO!!!!!!

    44. KG Escy

      1:45 james hetfield??

    45. TyTy playz

      Callum Callum Callum

    46. Mario DeLaTorre

      Wait isn’t siege part of Ubisoft ?

    47. frosh g

      Fargan ingles

    48. Panda Gaming

      MORE.... MOOORE!!!!

    49. Neil Degrasse Tyson the III


    50. Lalo Palo

      Vannos has a cool dude laugh

    51. Žak Korlat

      That's some @TheDoo kind of content and I love it!!

    52. Michael DeMelfi

      Oh you’re a VanossGaming veteran? Name every reference.

    53. TheGamingDolan❷


    54. J Hall

      I wonder when the new episode of that show is coming

      1. Se9w gaming

        Its alpha betas


      I’m excited for the show



    57. Polar Inc

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    58. Its Jusa

      Gary. Gary do you see dis. Its Van osse.

    59. John Thunder

      PLAYYYY IT A again please

    60. Augustus

      2:26 DATSA TOILET

    61. David Campbell

      Lol I'm only 19

    62. David Campbell

      Vanoss it's me lipperking

    63. Seamus Healey

      When is the newest episode of alpha betas

    64. Dunx YT


    65. Khapri

      0:22 true siege players

    66. prod. IWA

      🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 ︎🟥🟥⬜⬜🟦🟥 ︎🟥🟥🟦🟦🟦🟥 ︎🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 ︎🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟫🟫🟫🟪 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 Sus

    67. Treshaun Butler

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    68. Centurion

      yeaaa seeeiiigggee

    69. Xavier DeMi

      Make some more R6 videos!

    70. Chaotic Potato


    71. BJJ Gaven


    72. James Egelston

      Is "Biig Piig" Wildkat?

    73. Malacraft 7

      vannos code is cap

    74. Chris Villegas

      Yessssssss play more r6

    75. Gaming Sharko

      When the next Alpha Bates ep

    76. Diana Lyn Anota


    77. Exoticmisfit

      This is to funny you love to see it! 😂

    78. Mac10

      Goyo the boy general

    79. Nicholas Rellihan

      Tuxbird x Vanoss would be the GOAT

    80. Dxnz

      ErSix yes.

    81. Pumpkin


    82. Owen Craig

      Please!Play more Siege, it's awesome!

    83. Dark Angem

      Play more gmod

    84. ghazi zafri


    85. Diaku

      everytime you play this game it is so enjoyable

    86. Just another weeb

      Dam I’m early

    87. Catherine Nicole Mendez

      9:43 LOL HAHAHA

    88. 「 ᴍʀ. sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ 」

      Hai 是的

    89. movie free

      this is hilarious please play more

    90. T

      Ay something that isn’t among us! I love it!

    91. hyd4id47 vi

      Chil coner

    92. offixialmatthew


    93. Logan Smith

      I've waited oh so long!!

    94. Ricardo Fresnares

      More, more, more!!!

    95. Evil whatarethose

      do more please

    96. Brenda Turner


    97. Vinros

      The chill corner fan club

    98. Curran Wesley

      Play more

    99. Nathaniel Reid

      #VTT MAiSON

    100. Mr.Blitz7

      Yeaahhh amen