Chivalry 2 Funny Moments - Throwing Everything We Got At 'Em!


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    1. VanossGaming

      Use my Creator Code Vanoss on the Epic Games Store when you purchase Chivalry 2 #EpicPartner:

      1. Roney Nguyen

        hey vanoss what's your name so we can join each other

      2. The AmazingCat

        Im a big fan :)

      3. Oliën4jouw dōTERRA

        Heck ya I will

      4. Ny JungKim

        The fact that my phone is faster than my pc's notification.

      5. Just A Specter

        Sheesh this bots on your videos are everywhere

    2. 17MED

      2:45 My man want super saiyan, and got a quad

    3. ShinkShink

      4:01 3 2 1 blast off People at NASA: they have landed on the moon Them:cheering 👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

    4. VEEKO V

      Hanged!? 😂

    5. weenie head


    6. daniel_

      please more

    7. Sotnik

      кто от мехакера

    8. Nhung Le

      I love vanoss

    9. Beaudoin Motorsports


    10. Tony Pope

      This game is sick

    11. nugget god223 yeet

      Meme platoon

    12. Luis Grimaldo


    13. Bernardo Rios

      Tea is ready. 4:01. 🤣😂.

    14. Christian Schussig


    15. j clark

      Picking up an anvil though

    16. I dunno so why should you?

      Vanoss is possibly the greatest knight of the Northern kingdoms

    17. Trenton Shepard


    18. Julio Rodriguez's

    19. Dan546go

      The calvary game Is monhadu type

    20. lego wee merse geo


    21. Cisco Kid

      Kobe 🤣

    22. Romeo Martinez

      Play this game more

    23. Goldenfope

      Gmod again please ?

    24. TheOilaxGames

      0:30 The medieval space program

      1. The Prince

        Sending Brian to the moon since 1896 BC

    25. Nelly

      5:59 Team Fortress 2 in a nutshell

    26. Yo Whysup


    27. Tyler Chase

      Vannos throw your axe it hits like the ballista (From far)

    28. Snow Bars

      я кажись ...

    29. GhostNinja987

      Startin off with a corpse launch this is gonna be a great video!!

    30. Chance Evitts

      “Team damage”

    31. djsephie life

      More gmod games pls!

    32. Carl Respuesto

      0:30 this feels so nostalgic XD

    33. Vispal Junior

      I like it when delirous joins vanoss for games

    34. Crying Kitty

      The strongest weapon in war: KFC... ye

    35. Bippity boppity •

      Play some vr

    36. 13riskly

      watching vanoss at 2am wheezing is at its peak

    37. Elijah c

      2:21 top right corner

    38. Jacob Her

      Panda wpuld be proud of that corpse launch

    39. The Rumble Gaming

      (508) 239-3323

    40. Putrid Automotive

      Play more phasmophobia

    41. Goop

      I’m so glad they aren’t playing among us

    42. IVI4I_IR0


    43. K M

      "23rd to 26th" uploads on 26th

    44. Helbert737

      0:30 He blasting off again!!!!!

    45. Logan

      100% buying this

    46. Ryann G.

      Panda would’ve loved this 💀

    47. Snowdon Donnelly

      Please do more

    48. Ryan Molstad

      this is one of the most entertaining games I have seen in a while

    49. Thememelord42 Meme

      Isnt this mordhau?

    50. Kevin Ginez

      I wonder when vanoss will make a 2 alpha team

    51. AR_Lego


    52. T Y E E P U G 1 2 3

      Water is boneless ice

    53. TP Gaming

      Reminds me of Mordhau

    54. joe wilson

      Has alpha betas been picked up at all

    55. Eric Ciobanu

      Put this game on the resume!

    56. s02 Pzychotik


    57. BJ Kaye

      3:59 seeya Bryan!

    58. Emotional Oranges

      thanks for all the love!

    59. Cat And Game

      Vanoss go play in the Suspects (among us 2.0).Please.

    60. Eddie Wingeståhl

      Are you gonna play some more gmod part 398

    61. Armango_AM


    62. Techno Wolf

      So funny

    63. VicelikeGold

      April 23 through 26 he says lol

    64. Darius Impey

      The terminator seen flying across the sky.

    65. Yee T

      Jesus. Loves. U

    66. Jorge DeZ


    67. Insane Egg


    68. Christine Knapp

      for the emporor

    69. 24 Savage

      he literally blasted off like team rocket

    70. John Carl Laque

      4:01 neon be like

    71. Sideyblock 82

      I want to see more plz

    72. Millsxn

      IM ON FIRE! o shi

    73. Aye

      this games sick pls play more

    74. BreckinBoi

      I hope vanoss goes up in popularity again

    75. MUNCH IEZ

      I still think its funny that canonically Delicious has done it

    76. Carter Guerro

      A corpse launch makes a video complete

    77. Alwin Baybayan


    78. Burnzsall

      Throwing an owl at them

    79. Mystica Ceballos


    80. Selork


    81. Shawntherandom

      Bigjigglypanda would be proud of the Corps launch 😂😢 beautiful 😢

    82. George Dennis

      Airplanes were invented in 1903 People in 1902: 0:30

    83. Vlanco VII

      The BGM at 4:01 is too perfect

    84. xLoveLessx

      I want more videos like this 🤣

    85. Leandro Rivera

      Medieval UPS

    86. RetrO

      That is some deadly 🥖bread

    87. Jasper MekRose

      For honor?

    88. Gabriel Pichardo

      4:01 TEAM ROCKET’S BLASTING OFF AGaiiiiiiaaaaaaannn...

    89. Manto Ip

      i want you to play first class trouble

    90. William Ledbetter

      Hello Pro Shotgun Farmer

    91. Maki Cruz the !RPG!

      Vannos has elvolve to chicken vannos

    92. Ninjastoppel

      Replay button 8:46

    93. Ninjastoppel

      Replay button 0:30

    94. Josh Armstrong

      First man in space 1412 edition

    95. IGODI Ositor

      Yo this guy has partnered with epic games so many times might aswell be your neighbor

    96. Zaire

      Isn't this Mordau?

    97. Mímí rád máslo


    98. Aman Minj

      Now this is quality content

    99. Jaime Saldaña