UNO Funny Moments - The Longest Game of Nogla Opening up Pokemon Packs!


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    1. Someone


    2. mightycake 337

      anyone wanna burn noglas pokemon cards

    3. Happy Individuals

      Is hentei an instrument? 😛

    4. Dr Crooked

      One round = a while video of content

    5. Your Disappointment

      Every gacha player

    6. Gage

      I am obligated to ask if anyone knows the song at 10:32

    7. Subbzer00

      Get them to play online monopoly

    8. Deeneil Abuck

      1:58 7:31 Totally recycling

    9. griffen121

      Og uno

    10. SwedishStudios Gaming

      Irland vs Canada

    11. Kaleb Jones

      Owl_dusty mint

    12. Melvin Shmelvin


    13. INKMOON D

      more UNO--

    14. stan14o5

      Vanoss: Saves moo from a plus 4 Moo: 5:30 6:03

    15. SleepyWin

      Now we know that vanoss is usin pod farm, i guess

    16. Ragnarok the warchild

      Awesome video vanoss

    17. Matt Raby

      3:37 CHARIZARD GO!

    18. Faze Plays


    19. lego wee merse geo

      Vanoss tarted it

    20. Zach Dehoyos

      These four are probably the closest homies nowadays

    21. Radar9132

      When new alpha betas episode

    22. Enhanced Potato


    23. Jamie Morgan


    24. IanTheturtle 47

      I love this content

      1. imy123 toxic

    25. StrangeRTY7

      gmod horror story

    26. Oneil Basdeo


    27. MuTo


    28. Zoey M


    29. Warturtle Watches

      Apparently joe got updog and robin also got it

    30. Ryan Rosenlund


      1. imy123


    31. kk mcnugget

      Watching these videos is apart of my weekly routine

    32. Aiyat S.

      I fucken recycle ♻️

    33. Christopher Estrada

      anyone else recognize that "silent assassin" callback?

    34. John Cydric Uy


    35. Tommy Chen

      Pokémon Uno?

    36. Marcus

      More uno!

    37. REAVER


    38. Elijah Hopkins

      I'm happy their playing uno again

    39. The Black Spartan

      Now this is the content we like to see

      1. imy123


      2. The Black Spartan

        Any bots yet?

    40. Joony

      100% Brian’s fault

    41. Migster 911


    42. Mikie Arevalos


    43. boondock _425

      Whens the next alpha betas

    44. Carlos Cueto

      10:12 you can hear the card pack opening in the background XD

    45. William Mateer

      It doesn't matter! (Song)

    46. Crazy Crew 2.0

      is vanoss actually drunk..?

    47. UnstoppableGaming


    48. Kyle Justiniano


    49. Noice Noice

      9:11 blue cards 69

    50. HavoctheGoddamn

      Thanks dude

    51. Benjamin Roberts

      more uno

    52. Garrison Gatmough

      Another uno video another 5 hour recording session

    53. Shaun McHugh


    54. Hikari fujisaki


    55. Back the Blue

      20 minute GMOD video? YES

    56. Lefty

      Pokemon cards


      8:35 nice

    58. Yo Yo

      youno its uno

    59. zombie blackops

      We got some uno and pokemon cards today bois

    60. Malik Hill

      Love playing house rules Uno!! Leave the chat on, trust me. lol



      1. imy123 ,

    62. Osvaldo Morga

      Play hide and seek again plz

    63. s02 Pzychotik


    64. Nr Gaming


    65. Nathaniel Serrano

      These uno videos are goated

    66. john trs

      play gmod vanoss

    67. Bradyn Keefer

      “Ye guys are losers” 🤣

    68. DatShadowWolf

      the uno poggies owo

    69. Johannes ,


    70. DeLirIous RIOLU

      Uno with Pokemon cards would be neat

    71. Roner

      Я русский

    72. Damian Plays


    73. Patrick's Artistry

      Uno x pluto nash Uno nash?

    74. Kind

      amungus amungus amungus amungus amungus

    75. dedsec hacker

      this boy addicked to pokemon

    76. Wolfguy 707

      Lil can!

    77. Prepmeerkat2369


    78. Prepmeerkat2369


    79. Prepmeerkat2369


    80. WesternDead


    81. Niqua4life

      Yes keep playing uno😁😁

    82. IAmAPoirotShip

      5:43 The ''seagulls'' are here!!!!!

    83. Jose Najera


    84. Nate

      I want more Cards against humanity⁉️

    85. Its Birdy

      Pokemon Anonymous

    86. Bailey Wesley


    87. John Potato

      He is drunk af

    88. Ilikeyourcutg *slaps head*

      Aayyy uno

    89. Gage Eustace

      I,m 9

    90. Chandra ChaCha

      Imagine if he shows up to play uno. It he brings up pokemon cards

    91. Fierce Peter Gaming


    92. Sekiko Gaming

      I'm recycling mid rolls.

    93. Eric Bernazal


    94. Pac 450


    95. Louis

      terroriser is a dumbass

    96. Cumotron

      I love the Pokémon pack saga

    97. Duane Brown


    98. BadGamerLife

      Terroriser is a mick

    99. BadGamerLife

      Terroriser is a chump

    100. Lee Sparrow

      3:36 This means eavn watch’s his videos