Alpha Betas - This is Alpha Team (Pilot Episode)


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    In #AlphaBetas​​​, video games are powering the world thanks to a massive, top-secret CIA program. The show follows an elite virtual strike force of four top gamers as they drop into the virtual realms of video games to fix potentially world-ending issues. Known as the Alpha Team, these four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys are the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in high-octane pixelated worlds.
    Starring & Executive Producers:
    Evan Fong, VanossGaming
    Tyler Wine, I AM WILDCAT
    Marcel Cunningham, BasicallyIDoWrk
    Brian Hanby, Terroriser
    Created by Chris Bruno & David Howard Lee
    Produced by:
    Starburns Industries
    Additional Voices by:
    Chris Parnell
    Paget Brewster
    Stephanie Beatriz
    John DiMaggio
    Brent Morin

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      13:38 is priceless Men in a nutshell


      Corn hub..😳📸

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      1. тонкий член

        It has to be picked up by a streaming service

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        It has to be picked up by a streaming service

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      1. тонкий член

        It has to be picked up by a streaming service

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