Among Us Funny Moments - Oxygen BARLEY Included!!


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    1. Havoc

      Ayy alpha betas merch go buy it

    2. Jared McDaniel

      6:52 ARCHIVED

    3. All around outdoor Adventures


    4. IVI4I_IR0


    5. shimandi

      i love vanoss.

    6. Kyle Adder

      Barley? Huh

    7. Jackson Musselman

      He said finna

    8. Yeetusin Magic

      When is the new episode

    9. noble


    10. ShyBlueCat

      When’s the next alpha betas episode!??

    11. ValiantHeartC


    12. Sacred Ledog

      Episode 2 of alpha betas????? When??!?!!?

    13. Cole Laughlin

      What's in the canister

    14. Aden Vai

      vanoss being cocky at 13:38

    15. Jacob O'C

      Yoooo Barley is a grain!! You meant to write Barely!!! Lool love you bro

    16. Landkreuzer P.1500 Monster


    17. Icy noob69

      Amogus amogus amogus amogus?!

    18. ExIsReal

      Fyrus played Splatoon with Octoboy, now Among Us with Vanoss??? Epik

    19. ExIsReal

      Fyrus played Splatoon with Octoboy, now Among Us with Vanoss??? Epik

    20. gibby

      "Barley" lmao

    21. WoulfShadowGaming

      Can we brew the barley?

    22. Not So Anonymous


    23. Youmad-Bruv



      sup ya nazi beeeeeeeach! *flame thrower noises*

    25. Peach L0tus

      I love that they’re playing with Fyruss

    26. Harmon?


    27. Tristen HoulihanXV

      Barley water?

    28. Aiden Picone

      When the s the next episode of alpha betas

    29. Shawn Moyan

      vanoss play endless online:)

    30. ROCKET -


    31. Tommy Ly

      Can you make phasmephobia videos?

    32. Josh snow

      ──────────────── ─██████████████─ ─██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒██─ ─██▒▒██████████─ ─██▒▒██───────── ─██▒▒██████████─ ─██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒██─ ─██▒▒██████████─ ─██▒▒██───────── ─██▒▒██████████─ ─██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒██─ ─██████████████─ ────────────────

    33. Warrior Legend

      Eddie Buck tommy mason

    34. Whiplash

      B A R L E Y

    35. DRogon GAmingARt's

      When are you playing warframe again ... there is new content available :)

    36. Conner Bodiford

      Homie been playing Life After with my sister.

    37. Dakota Goodwin

      I love mw some barley in the mornin

    38. GloatingPrince


    39. Nene


    40. DanielStreams Zero

      masons gon sign some babies

    41. Fairuz Aiman

      Fyrus 😩

    42. Bad Succubus


    43. ItsMeJessieAndAri

      Gettin a little heated this episode....

    44. Gabriel Murray

      When is the next alpha betas!!! Im goin nuts! I love it!

    45. MyBadWifi YDD

      “Hey do you want some oxygen” lmao that one left me crying😭😂😂

    46. Dankster


    47. Zoey M


    48. theDiamondZ

      Ayo when is episode 2 dropping?

    49. Gabe Wheaton

      2:33 Seth Rogen laugh

    50. Tom Bavlsik

      When we gonna get episode 2 of Alpha Betas?

    51. S C


    52. Matthew Kachel

      hey fun fact dathi de means fighter jet

    53. DrivenToChaos 27

      So, is Fyrus temporarily part of the group or something?

    54. John Burner

      Barley, sweet.

    55. Minecraft Legend

      Yes more among us yeeeeeeeees 😁😁😁😁

    56. Love Trolling


    57. Gamer 123


    58. Dreadtroopeer

      Wait, is that Fyrus, from the Failing Four?!

    59. Heeeaaqnry


    60. playashaw1

      I'm still looking for the oxygen barley....

    61. JohnIsAlright

      Still barley

    62. The country boy

      When is episode two of alpha betas

    63. Hippin Dippin

      15:19 bucknoss

    64. ابو العز Abo Al-Ezz

      I love you

    65. Johannes ,


    66. Deeon Samuels

      Ayyy this is top 5 in trending gaming 👌

    67. Jaylyn Washington

      Vannos the goat 🐐

    68. OutLaw Rydog

      When’s the next alpha betas video

    69. Josephsurvivor

      Oxygen.... barley? like wheat?

    70. Jayden Arevalo


    71. Great Days


    72. AtMeDawg

      The videos be taking my “BREATH” away if you knowwhatimsayinnn

    73. Rana2008r khatib


    74. Rana2008r khatib


    75. Angel Simental


    76. s02 Pzychotik


    77. Pavel

      “What’s so funny about sus sus amogus”

      1. AntonR Nik

        sussus, one word :(

    78. Jorge Bonilla

      Love the vids!!!!!!

    79. Kirbo


    80. Noor

      2:47 the alpha betas telepathy 😂😂😂😂

    81. ViBe Isaiah


    82. J0eh


    83. white tubby


    84. Abo Flah

    85. Cluless

      "want me to sign your baby?"

    86. Simon

      One game that destroyed a friendship group.

    87. FishyGaming

      Ooga booga mispell

    88. Matt M


    89. Jkiukuk

      #9 on trending? Sheesh

    90. jennifer pringle

      Play Minecraft

    91. Boi

      5:37 the art of war manipulation of your enemy

      1. Camping Comrade

      2. Camping Comrade

    92. Elijah Williams


    93. Renato Pavalić

      Anyone knows when will ep2 of alpha betas be released?

    94. Vincent

      1:52 the sound sinks up perfectly

    95. waffle beast

      12:40 pretty sus if I do say so my self

    96. Random Person

      Yay a new vid i haven't seen

    97. Drista

      Barley is included? Sweet

    98. Ashli Eggen

      Whats oxygen barley?