Among Us - i die from lightning for 10 minutes mod (Airship Map)


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    1. Julian Sandoval

      Brian Has been struct from the heavens

    2. Julian Sandoval

      Vanoss: Now he has a machine gun Brian: Ho Ho Ho 1:25

    3. Germando Cruz

      Captain america thor

    4. Matthew Hensley

      Thanks for the heads u

    5. Christopher Perez

      bro can you please play anything besides among us

    6. Dead noob282


    7. vr oom

      *ඞ* amogus

    8. laz.

      hehe airship go vroom vroom

    9. Logan Thompson

    10. Tianna Miller

      this video had me rolling on the floor 😂😂

    11. British Potato


    12. Yung Nolan Nuggys

    13. superdenis?

      Кто тут русский

    14. Ethan Carlisle

      I’m in the kitchen

    15. TJP

      4:40 Me a Henry Stickmin connoisseur

    16. Rana2008r khatib


    17. Rana2008r khatib


    18. Gak R


    19. Mr. Ben

      I love seeing prageru commerical

    20. Kevin Carranza

      The lightning is so strong it goes through the ship and it disintegrates them

    21. Jesse Masnok

      Vanoss thought he can hold the ak

    22. Colton Hill

      Sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus

    23. Mark Luis Pecjo

      Vanoss LIGHTING

    24. Kokichi Oma *The ultimate supreme leader*

      HaHa Comedy go brrrrrr

    25. 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

      When’s the next alpha betas episode

    26. KingJai_ 25

      I love you I’m a big fan of you

    27. shadowkid101

      Omg that glitch happend to me once

    28. Bryce Williams

      the henry stickman reference is on point

    29. Kevin


    30. Andrea Cusack

      1. Ghetto Lemon


    31. Mr. Eight Eyes

      4:42 he would know if he played henry stikman

    32. Gavin


    33. Boui Botham

      Thunder and lightning HAHA LIKE THUNDER AND LIGHTNING

    34. Leonardo Limon

      That op

    35. iverrtexx

      The eject scene hit me hard


      Any school or college students watching here ❤️

    37. UNUS ANNUS

      Vansoss play sum else besides amoung us please

    38. Joe

      8:21 That’s the weapon of Niggatello

    39. JetMGET123 Wta

      Vannos wanna collab

    40. Mr jason


    41. Mr jason


    42. Outv3rse


    43. sSyphoNize

      4:41 Henry Stickman reference

    44. VooDoP

      Yes another among us video 😀 😕

    45. Silas Zander


    46. STILL

      One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self 🔺

    47. Johannes ,


    48. DeLirIous RIOLU

      Hold on a second. When did Vanoss get the Super Shotgun??

    49. MonkeyGaming

      6 trending

    50. TJ Killashaw

      “Hitting the room below ye”

    51. delirious _128

      Nice video 👍👍

    52. Human Haker9

      Yeah skedadudlers the new update of among us is cool 😎

    53. S.W.A.T GAMING

      The lightning from hammer’s thor(if you know you know)

    54. s02 Pzychotik


    55. Matt

      everybody is cool

    56. Lie & A Fly

      Fyrus joins the battle

    57. Vulturine 564

      Vanoss, can you make some videos on the Henry Stickman Collection

    58. Kaden Gajkowski

      The ak is the happiest he’s sounded playing this game 😂

    59. Just your average moron

      Next Alpha Betas episode when?

    60. eddie gaming2417

      Bring me vanoss! 😂😂😂😂😂

    61. ExoVelcome


    62. Supreme Seregios

      Note to self: Owls like AK-47s

    63. IVI4I_IR0


    64. vrax父



      Watching this makes me fill like I am getting flash bang very second in the video

    66. random person

      Hammers Thor


      I like the fakk!!!! Hahahaha😆

    68. Calvin Jordan

      We they get voted off, it’s a reference to the Henry Stickman: Escape the airship

      1. An Idiot

        Nah it’s fleeing the complex

    69. Bryce Conrad

      I love your videos keep it up

    70. King Sonny

      I wanna have a roast battle with vanoss

    71. LlamaGaming

      YEEaaahhh xD

    72. Darth Vader


    73. ceos gamer 016 _

      Of course terorizer uses the half robot skin

    74. Miguel Recto

      “I am so smart, I am so smart, I am so smart, “

    75. Nick3Home


    76. Highstage DK

      Do all the averagers

    77. Highstage DK

      Do the all the aven

    78. Stormray


    79. MoneyJoe Films

      FUUUUUU 0:10

      1. MoneyJoe Films


    80. Adrian Fixel Wicaksono

      4:40 only Henry Stickmin Players understand.

    81. WMBS

    82. Kingslayer

      One of those "get he said, it would be fun he said"

    83. User Name

      Wiked wombatts

    84. Owen WILLIAMS

      The only thing that makes an owl happy An ak-47

    85. Sydney Helton

      Among us! 😃😊😘❤💛💚💙💜🖤💕💞

    86. Davidxd


    87. Wilder G

      Its fyrus

    88. Young Josh

      Do u stream?

    89. Nyree Clarke

      shuch up del

    90. Kellen McNeal

      Vanoss: see's AK47 Happiness noise

    91. aydan Crowell

      Ak exists vannos I see your life is mine now

    92. jonnathan huerta


    93. KaiserX

      Vanoss getting mad? Entertaining...

    94. Epyonwings

      Thorlirious Odinson.

    95. Alex Mazara

      Hey vanoss if you looking for a game that will occupy you then you show play doom eternal

    96. piakonjob

      dude 9:20

    97. Rv9202

      The PTSD from that eject

    98. 5TARGUTZ

      Vanoss raging???😂😂

    99. The Vengeful Neo

      AK: *Exists* Vanoss: *Goes full American*

      1. BTD_Blazeit123 oof

        @- M.D.N - we still love AK'S

      2. Cleveland Brown Stoolbend Commenter

        @- M.D.N - Americans still love them.

      3. Zac Parsons

        Go to school

      4. Perseus Valles

        A Canadian holding a Russian gun going full American

      5. Zorenn _cod


    100. davikaaful

      The Henry Stickmin references are great! Anyone else here get all the references?

      1. Boba Fett


      2. Tandemmaster 425