Rogue Company Funny Moments - They Call Me... BATMAN!!


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    1. VanossGaming

      Use my Creator Code VANOSS on the Epic Games Store when you claim Rogue Company: #EpicPartner

      1. Dolores Esquivel


      2. Dolores Esquivel

        @Blue54dino 0

      3. Dolores Esquivel


      4. Dolores Esquivel


      5. string cheese

        Please make a nostalgic video

    2. Art Vandelay

      Unpopular opinion: rouge company is so enjoyable

    3. The Great23x

      Been watching since 6th grade, I’m 39 now, love the work

    4. YupItsJaysus

      Panda would love this game lmao

    5. 24555brent

      The only ganme to have both Justin beiber and

    6. Mayur Beekharee

      Game love it a lot and it's like counter strike

    7. Austin Winchester

      Justin Bieber in rouge company😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    8. LAGUNA

      whjats your creatg6er codeg!.

    9. от Янга

      Кто русский

    10. Notorious G.I.O


    11. Joshua Raymond

      6:41 for some nostalgia

    12. Joshua Raymond

      6:41 for some nostalgia

    13. 93 uh3

      Batman or batowl

    14. James Davis

      gears of war in a nutshell

    15. jax-011 gaming

      are you now family friendly :]

    16. Canal de Juegos del Tuailait

      2,500 for a Baseball bat?

    17. Kaydence Boysis

      this reminds me of heist on bo4

    18. Ragnarok the warchild

      Awesome video vanoss

    19. PEPPER-PEZ

      Have you noticed the names of the teams? They have the alpha betas team names, team alpha and team bravo lmao 🤣

    20. Dolores Esquivel


    21. Dolores Esquivel


    22. Dolores Esquivel


    23. Dolores Esquivel


    24. Dolores Esquivel


    25. JustZay

      So im rewatching this and I notice that the team names for rouge is alpha and bravo

    26. Cesar Onofre

      Rogue company, more like......... vanoss company (lol)

    27. Dud Hdjd

      We hope to see Batman again

    28. James Yun

      They call me 'betman'

    29. Unetlanhvi

      8:05 anne frank moment.

    30. CallMeMONGOOSE


    31. 3UcKs WaFfLeS _

      I enjoyed vanoss shoring on ppl

    32. Shahed Killer Rabbit

      Rouge Company got toxic with in minutes of it dropping. I ended up quitting the game.

    33. Daniel Ramirez


    34. Zachary Dannenfelser

      It's nice to see them having fun

    35. ALBERT 20

      10:01 vanoss be cluthin againn :0

    36. Mr YNOT

      Yay now everyone is gonna be playing this game 😐

    37. gg gg

      I been playing this its pretty lit

    38. Shahin Sannydav

      You played with me vanoss in rogue compony

    39. Anej Jelen

      Can you play hide and seek with the boys




      More More



    43. Rosalba Verduzco

      yoo i have this game

    44. Tyler Ladd

      Vanoss loves a corpse launch 😂😂

    45. Rami Burghli

      When is aloha betas episode 2 coming

    46. nokia nokia

      Um vannos please I want horror game gmod

    47. Monkey 3406

      Can you play wz? Plz

    48. Kai Allen

      Ep 2 alpha betas now!

    49. khaled 8011

    50. string cheese

      Please make a nostalgic video

    51. kiptx

      Play ark again

    52. Ecliphelion

      I'm going to download this purely because I want to see bodies fly

    53. Lester

      The video actually ended when he said it for once

    54. jayden

      1:09 James Charles Has Entered The DM's

    55. Aye P

      6:56 they call me Batman

    56. Mr Groovy

      The body launches/glitches are funny xD

    57. Irvin Fonseca

      Play more ARK please with drode

    58. Jastin Balanquit

      I had my Ronin and Lancer to Mastery 10 😎

    59. Cyber Network


    60. Frielle EGelle

      nice april fools video.

    61. CPXLES Roblox


    62. Le Random Owl

      4:05 "tactical funny body" Something a lot of people have fallen to.

    63. Johannes ,


    64. Someone

      Anne frank: 8:05

    65. Masazino

      When's the next alpha betas?

    66. Nickelodeon _c

      “Judge Dread” 🤣

    67. damien mayes

      It took y'all this long to find this game with nutty ragdoll flopping

      1. Vaqif Abdullayev

        Worth it.🤣🤣🤣

    68. s02 Pzychotik


    69. aaron

      This game is actually super fun

    70. Charles Haynes

      Awesome videos and stream and thumb up to keep up the great work to vanoss have fun playing the game to 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

    71. hyd4id47 vi

    72. M0N3Y ISEZ

      Mr.swing =Batman

    73. Justdont Askplz

      Get panda

    74. Insaneracoon86

      Vanoss we all support ya! N the boys.

    75. Seven- Seven


    76. Spartan-king 3172

      This is gold

    77. Luis Aguilar

      When’s the next ep?!!!

    78. Albluno

      This game is so broken XD

      1. Vaqif Abdullayev

        So broken that it’s perfect.🤣

    79. kylemonnem sajili


    80. LawyerIsABot

      this gives me night owel vibes

    81. Eddie Diaz de Leon

      One thing I noticed is that terroriser kept calling their teammate justin beaver when its bieber

    82. WhiteWolf

      4:33 me on my way to your moms house

      1. A H

        She said to bring protection please

    83. George Alvarez


    84. Alexis Medero

      I played this game for 5 months and it’s entertaining and fun to play

    85. Joe Martinez

      game lowkey is fire

    86. El Tigre 98

      Thanos: I am inevitable Vanoss: 6:58

    87. Miguel Recto


    88. Miguel Recto

      Justin going crazy, that’s major

    89. Daniel Raven Lanada

      shoutout to vannossgaming and brian

    90. Eguzky

      Corpse Launch: The Game

    91. nate dog

      I'm glad ur playing something else besides among us

    92. Marvin L

      He’s the swinger for the la lakers

    93. FNTM Unlucky

      Dude vanoss the goat

    94. Dominic Waghorn

      Great fun with the glitches

    95. ThatzAlot Wow




    97. A A or MR.BrokenEnglish


    98. Rage Mager

      When is alpha betas ep 2

    99. Red B

      Epic Vanoss Clutch Moment

    100. Jeremy Hinkle

      8:05 anne frank be like